Being surprised says that you’ve been unaware of discrimination that has been happening for 100s of years

Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka, three young, brilliant, Black football players missed their penalties at the Euro 2020 final and the typical response to Black folk not doing something perfectly ensued. Instantly, the three players were subject to torrents of racist abuse from those who supported them moments before. Their social media channels were literally flooded with it.

But social media was also flooded with White people lamenting how ‘shocked’ and ‘surprised’ they were. I say White people, because let’s face…

Racism happened again, but this time hit differently

Where are the safe spaces for Black and brown folk

Another week, another racist incident. But this incident was unlike any that I’ve experienced. When I’m subjected to racism, I normally just feel a wealth of frustration in the moments after. I then send a few messages to my family and friends to offload and, for the most part, it’s done. This time was different though; the feelings of despair and powerlessness were unlike any I’ve felt.

I’ve written about racism and mental health before, but I’ve never detailed the emotional turmoil…

John Fernandes

Senior lecturer and researcher in exercise physiology and strength and conditioning. Active proponent and committee member of EDI in sport and academia.

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